Shipping & Product Guarantee Policies

Our Guarantee and eBay Policy

If you purchase a kit directly from Bar Mills Direct,  any part that is missing or damaged will be replaced at no charge. This excludes damaged or lost manuals. the replacements of which will generally be forwarded electronically.  Out of production kits may not be covered by this guarantee due to availability of parts. Please contact us for more information.
If you purchase your kit on the secondary market from an auction site like ebay or from a private seller please note we are unable to offer a guarantee. If you need a replacement part please contact us. These will be handled on a case by case basis and a fee to cover materials, labor, and shipping will be assessed if a replacement is available.  Try to keep in mind that you buy used kits at your own risk. If you are buying a kit on ebay, inquire before purchasing if it is complete to the best of the sellers knowledge. The seller can easily verify that the manual, templates, stripwood, and castings box (filled with castings, not empty!) are included. We apply easy to remove stickers to keep our boxes closed during shipping, but they are easily removed without cutting them.   That is not to say a seller who states “factory sealed” in their auction is being dishonest. Most likely they are simply misinformed. These kits change hands so many times and stuff gets lost and misplaced. Then they end up in estate sales and are sold “as is”. The vast majority of sellers are honest and not looking to cheat anybody. Just be a smart buyer, it saves everybody a lot of heartache and hassle!

We’ve all been “stung” by shipping costs at one time or another and know the thrill of being charged $10 to ship a $7 dollar item  !  Ridiculous ?… We think so.  The Bar Mills solution is a simple one.  Any kits shipped within the continental U.S. (unless otherwise specified at the time of the order) will be charged a flat $7.50 shipping fee… and that is for “Priority Mail” service !  We’ve found that packages leaving from here (Maine) can get to Washington state in as little as three days… and you can’t beat that !

Yes, we take a hit on the shipping, but you get your kits quickly and get a good deal to boot.

Shipments to CANADA get a similar treatment but with a flat $20 shipping charge, and European orders are charged a flat $37.50 shipping fee regardless of what it runs us on this end (the average shipping costs to EUROPE are about $25 – $45, although we’ve paid as much as $50 when shipping to Russia, for example).

What does this mean to you folks?… it means we’re trying to treat each of you as we like to be treated, fairly.  This is just one of the ways Bar Mills supports the finest folks in the hobby… our customers.  “Without you… there’s no “us”…. don’t you think we ever forget that simple fact !