Waterfront Willys (N/HO)



This was the 2nd structure we’d ever manufactured, but right away we knew it had to be just a little bit unusual if we were to make a name for the new Bar Mills company.  We designed the kit so it could feature either of the two sides, each having a slightly different architectural style & serving a different purpose.  By adjusting the heights of the pillars below the dock area the strucutre could be themed for both land & waterfront use… hence the name “Waterfront Willy’s/Trackside Jack’s”.

We’ve just introduced an updated model of the kit.  It now (in HO scale) features plastic windows, self-aligning roof rafter tails, and a couple of new dormers on the roof (to be used at your discretion, of course).  The “N” scale version still features the original style roof without the additional dormer windows.