The Cranberry Yard Freight House HO Scale


While this little building isn’t a classic “show-stopper” it is one that is capable of generating revenue on a layout… stick it on its’ own siding or plant it on the mainline… either way is becomes a “destination”. The most useful “destination” is one that can service any one of several industries… coal yard ?… sure, if you’re delivering coal.  In this case almost anything (sorry, no coal) can be transported between road & rail.  Pretty much any train with a boxcar in it can find an excuse to stop here, and almost any details you have laying around might work into the scene very nicely as well. It’s not often we do a building as generic as this one, but sometimes it’s all we need as “modelers”… a “one-size-fits-all” type structure that will snug into our modeling efforts without screaming out “Hey, look at me !”… and this is one of those types of buildings.               freight house primary photo WEB