Springfield Stations Twin Pack (HO)


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Twice the fun, stuffed into one box!

These kits are Available as individually  (found here “Springfield Station V1”, “Springfield Station V2”) … or as this very special where BOTH stations come packaged together along with a $24.00, “16” figure set of Woodland Scenics figures for only for a cost of only $5 more, for a total of $85.95!! WOW!!

Two very special versions of a very generic, very visual, branchline, short line or small town station. Close enough in style to be sister stations, low enough in price to be a great value. Custom paint these to your own railroad colors, & these simple builds can bring life to any small town, or branchline / narrow gauge scene.

Kits come complete with resin & metal cast details… even a bench to sit your figures on ! Windows & freight doors are a combination of both plastic & laser-cut construction.