Seckler's Cold Storage (N-HO)


“Seckler’s Cold Storage:

       “HO” Building Foot Print: 17” x 3 (give or take!)

         “N” Building Foot Print: 7.5″ x 2.5″ (give or take!)

Welcome to our biggest “background kit” ever !  It’s almost always tough to find enough space on a layout to build industrial scenes with structures of this magnitude…  but this time around we’ve beaten the odds with the introduction of “Seckler’s”.
For those of you who don’t know, Bob Seckler is an avid modeler and tireless volunteer in promoting our hobby.  Although best known for his omnipresence at the Fine Scale Expo shows, it’s not uncommon to run into him promoting all kinds of positive things for the hobby.  One of his favorite Bar Mills kits (and one that he missed out on when it was available)… was the Graves Building… a two structure kit we offered a few years back.
With that in mind we decided to take some of the best concepts of that kit and juggle them around into something both more affordable. As well as offer a kit that might find it’s place into layouts that might otherwise be tight on space… hence… “Seckler’s” was born.

The original concept originated with our own Jack Ellis, who used a similar ”build” when presenting Bar Mills clinics.  With the expertise of our engineer, Jim Mooney, in the mix… and some additional input by the “old man” (me)… this whole thing came together in a very exciting way !
The building stretches to almost 17” in length, while being just under 3” deep… although you’d never know it from photos…. it just looks so much deeper !