Sal Minelas (N-HO)


“Sal Minelas Egg Wholesalers”

Available in “HO” & “N” Scales !

“Sal Minelas” is an accurate re-production of a structure from the legendary “Franklin & South Manchester RR.”  Available in both HO & N scales (the HO version is offered only as a “Bar Mills Direct” kit)  this three-story building features custom clapboard siding & (depending upon the scale of the kit) several custom crafted resin detail castings… DEFINITELY not a hobby store kit… yet another serious Bar Mills creation.
Anyway if you like a challenge (this one took me about 6 days of evenings to construct) and are looking for something out of the ordinary this may be for you.  This package available only directly from Bar Mills Direct.

Note: The N-Scale version also comes with a separate “outbuilding” !