Rickety Cove (HO)

“Rickety Cove” is the “B-I-G” holiday offering of 2022.  Complete with “9” structures, a boardwalk, countless resin & metal details, & too many “less than major” touches to recall, this 25″ x 25″ diorama can be built as we did, or re-arranged to fit any layout in countless numbers of ways. This kit IS NOT for the novice and will take several weeks to finish as seen in the photos.  At $385 +shipping (that’s only about $43 per building) the kit comes with Woodland Scenic “fishing figures”, three rowboats (the larger lobster boat is not included), as well as a discount coupon for “Gatorfoam” board, the product we used for constructing the diorama upon. The diorama CAN ONLY BE ORDER THROUGH JAN. 31ST, 2023….  so be sure to set your calender by that date… YES, it is a very limited-run-kit.  Please order well in advance to insure that your order will be processed !  NOTE: As usual, we are shooting for a “1st Shipment” time of about December 10th.  Our initial run of “Rickety Cove” will be 100 kits, anything ordered after we sell out will be manufactured after January 31st, 2023… the date that we cut off all of the ordering for the diorama.

The “Cove” part of the kit did not include the (2) signs that are downloadable from the link below… our error…. just so much going on!  Just follow the link to display & print the graphics….   Art