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REA Depot at Cranberry (HO-O)



The “Depot At Cranberry” is the kind of structure that will absolutely define a scene on your layout.  Whether placed near the tracks (optional) or alongside a roadway the amount of activity a that small structure such as this could be staggering.  A great place for both personal vehicles & delivery vans.  This particular structure was based on a model built by George Sellios… the original concept still resides on the legendary “Franklin & South Manchester”.  As with all work by George, this one here again seems to feel right just about anywhere, & we’re grateful for his permission to tap into and continue to share his creativity.

This structure is available from “Bar Mills Direct” (with figures included)… or as a stand-alone kit through your local re-seller”.

We’ve prepared a video to accompany the directions with the kit,,,, it’s 23 minutes long, so relax & get a little insight regarding the way we built ours here at Bar Mills…  Art