O'Douls Flop House HO/O Scales


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Based upon the work of the legendary Earl Smallshaw “O’Doul’s” is our take on “Tenement Row”…. a kit we helped to develop for Northeast Scale Models back in the 1990’s.  Sure, we wanted to change things up a bit… we also were concerned about keeping the kit both “original” & affordable…. so this is what we came up with.  We paid special attention to keeping these buildings fairly “shallow”, utilizing the height, rather than the depth of the structure for visual impact.  We also pictured the kit as a “back-of-the-tracks” model… featuring all of the detail of any Bar Mills kit but the shallow relief and height that would make it an ideal structure for along a backdrop where space would normally be at a premium.  We’re excited about this one and see it ranking up there with “Saulena’s Tavern” & “4th St. Bail Bonds” . A foot print of 6″x4″, these buildings can also be built independently of each other… placing the laudry lines “between” the two would stretch out the scene more while helping to keep the depth of the scene more compact.


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