Monk Hill


“Hybrid Kits”… it’s one of the things we do best at Bar Mills. What exactly is a “hybrid”.. a hybrid kit has traditional clapboard siding… but also features all kids of other building characteristics and textures… from stone, to brick, to sheathed siding & more. Hybrid kits explore a variety of techniques, and offer endless detailing opportunities,,, we like the possibilities… and we love the results !
This diorama can be easily tweaked with each of the structures combines to make one scene, or used individually. Careful attention has been paid to include detailed wall panels on not just the featured “face-side” of the structure, but on all four sides of it !…. It was hard for us to photograph the diorama as we simply did not know which side of a building best depicted it !
Remember, we always fill orders on a first come – first served basis, and this kit, like the others before it will no longer be available once this run is sold-out. The kit can be ordered through February 28th, 2024, with kit production starting in March of 2023… expect an April / May delivery depending on where your order is in the cue. A normal run for a kit such as this can be as many as 375, & we expect very much the same response from this years diorama !
Thank you all for your 25 years of supporting Bar Mills, “Without You… There Is No Us”… and we know it !