Merchants Row (HO)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

“Merchant’s Row” is the “business-end” of Rickety Cove… a string of highly-detailed structures that can configured as a complete scene, or just several independent structures that can be placed around any scenery either individually, or as a group. featuring recently created chimneys, and complete with our HD resin sidewalks these buildings are for the more advanced modeler.  Each building features unique details, roofing & siding techniques…. this kit is the equivalent to a crash course in model building… you’re sure to come out of the project a more advanced modeler than when you went into it !  As usual, we are shooting for a “1st Shipment” time of about December 10th.  Our initial run of “Merchant’s Row” will be 50 kits, anything ordered after we sell out will be manufactured after January 31st, 2023… the date that we cut off all of the ordering for the diorama.