Majestic Hardware (N/HO/S/O)



“Majestic Hardware” is one of our earlier kits.  Loaded with details the kit is available in all four major scales.  Glancing over this part of the website you’ll be able to view just a few of the many photos that have been submitted to us through-out the years.  The prototype thumbnail  pictured above & below is in “S” scale & was built by  Frank Bernard.

Available in all 4 major scales this building is both “common” & “not-so-common” at the same time.  It’s traditional architecture lends itself to a series of geographical areas, when built without  the elevator extension the structure becomes more generic and can be used for anything from a trackside warehousing facility to a waterfront-type storage & transfer barn.  This one comes with a lot of metal castings, roof stencils, and the usual amount of Bar Mills “good stuff”.  As is always the case metal castings will vary along with the scale of the kits.  “Majestic” is one of the oldest structures in our line, & it’ll be around for a long time to come !

Majestic_Photo1 Majestic_Photo2

The two photos above are of the original HO prototype of the kit.


An N-Scale Version


As built in HO by a Bar Mills customer

As Built by Mike Tylick

As built by Jim Mooney


This beautiful HO version uses a
bright red barn look !

As built by Don Marvel