"Loft's Candies"/"H.H. Crie Hardware Co"


This time round we wanted to build in a little versatility to our model… originally theming it after the long-ago famous “Loft’s Candy Store Co.”, we also envisioned the building as a perfect retail store… especially (in this case)… a hardware store.  Despite it’s unusual name the “hardware version” is actually, like the “Loft” version, patterned after an actual business that once stood in the U.S.  It’s fine to freelance… we love doing it… but it’s great when we can bring things into some historical perspective.  At only 3.5″ x 4″ this build is geared towards more advanced modelers… although if you take your time intermediate guys should be able to do just fine with it.  HO only.


INSTRUCTIONAL UPDATE: Download the PDF below for a slight instructional update, along with some extra signs!