Jeffries Point (N Scale)


Jeffries Point

We’re constantly striving to do the best models in the hobby…. and “N”-scale is a large part of that.  “Jeffries Point” is based on a prototype as modeled on the famous “Franklin & South Manchester R.R.”… the layout of the legendary George Sellios.  This kit is a large one, & in reality was tucked up right against the tracks.  Laser cut windows/doors as well as milled clapboard siding stays true to the original model on the F&SM.  Included details are plastic & resin.  As much as we’d appreciate your support, if you’re new to the hobby or tend to model quickly this is NOT the kit for you… this one is seriously oriented towards intermediate + modelers… although not terribly difficult, it is somewhat demanding… at least if you want to do it “right”.  The overall size of the model is approx. 7″L x 3.5″W.  This model is available through retailers, & is also offered with a special “figures included” package through “Bar Mills Direct.

Note: *Just in case you have an issue with misprinted signage, we have placed a downloadable version here. Click below, download, and print!*


Whether it’s in N-Scale or G-Scale basic tools & some patience will go a long way as we explain in this first video in a series of five !

Installing windows and more early on will often give you a superior model with less work, join us in this second video of five.


Freight doors are the “soul” of any building,  maybe it’s time to find a new way to install them.  Join us in this third of five videos.

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“Zip-Up” your building shell in this video with some reflections about the approach & techniques we used in this part of the build in this final video of the series.