Crown Crate Company (HO-O)


crown kit photo 1a

This two-building kit has a “flexible footprint”, it’ll fit just about any space (and can even be broken up into two separate scenes ! )  originally designed for our limited-run “Pinkham’s Pallet” kit we liked this one so much we decided to make it available to everyone… just just the “collector craftsman” market.  We snugged it into an 8″ x 5″ diorama, you could do the same if you need to.  The photo background is of our own “Niagara & Peark creek” layout here in Bar Mills !

crown wood bin photo

Just a photo of the included wood bin should give you an idea of “cool” this kit really is… and it’s under $50 AND available through Bar Mills or your local hobby shop !  Remember, Bar Mills shipping is always a flat $5 regardless of how many kits we ship to you !

A little about the O Scale version…. (pictured below) All the usual goodies along with some severely “cool” engineering (thanks to our own “Diamond ” Jim Mooney) combine to make a really cool track side/street-side structure. From the stacks of strip wood lumber to the “sheets of plywood” everything but the figure is included. This kit is for the medium-advanced modeler and is available now !…. NO WAITING ! You can estimate the footprint at about 8″x11″ as we built it (figure about the size of a sheet of paper) BUT as the two structures are independent of each other the can be re-arranged if need-be to fit areas of varying dimensions. $89.95, and a bargain at the price !