Cemetery Hill (HO Scale)


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FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME YOU CAN ORDER “Cigar Corner”…. a complete diorama at the original issue price of $249.95 + shipping.  These collectable kits are no longer available, but will be made TO ORDER only… all orders MUST be placed by midnight… Jan 31st, 2023. 

“Cemetery Hill”
Scale: “HO”
Diorama Size:
12” x 24” (as modeled on our diorama)
“Hybrid Kits”… it’s one of the things we do best at Bar Mills. What exactly is a “hybrid”.. a hybrid kit has traditional clapboard siding… but also features all kids of other building characteristics and textures… from stone, to brick, to sheathed siding & more. Hybrid kits explore a variety of techniques, and offer endless detailing opportunities,,, we like the possibilities… and we love the results !
For the first time ever these “board-on-board” structure are largely comprised of card-stock strips applied to a self-adhesive “MDF” laminated core, eliminating most interior bracing components while providing superior strength and rigidity to the majority of the kit wall panels.
This diorama can be easily tweaked and located on a waterfront (as we’ve depicted it), on the side of a mountainous hill, or when using the included brick sidewalk panels, in the older part of a city scene. You will receive additional components to those pictured to help in providing varied modeling approaches.
The structures included with the kit were inspired by both a movie set, actual prototypes, and the style and design work of the great Troels Kirk…
if Bar Mills kits seem to be realistic, it’s because we’ve always relied upon the real thing for inspiration… and we think it shows.
Just take a look at the photos & watch the intro video.