Raquette Lake Navigation (HO/O)



Based upon a prototype docking facility this “kit” actually started out as a model on both our “Niagara & Pearl Creek” & “Wharf Street” layouts.  The photos above were actually taken on our layout, it’s the original “scratch-built-with-lasers” one that we concocted for ourselves,  the kit it a little more “refined”, but pretty much identical.
We’ve had so many of you ask for it after visiting us here that we decided to introduce it into the Bar Mills line.  Yes, we know not all of you has a waterfront… but we do, and this kit is an important part of it !  Both “HO” Scale & a version for “”S”-“On3” are available.

On30 Scale

We re-scaled the kit for On30 use, no it can’t be used for regular O-Scale, the clearances aren’t designed for it.  The loco in the photo shown is made by Bachman, we placed it in the photo to help give you folks a scale reference.  The O-Scale version of the kit will be in short supply and only available directly from Bar Mills.

(Approx. 6″w, 8″d, 11.5″h)


As Modeled in HO by Paul Ciapriani


As Modeled in “On30” by Ray Buteaux