Lenny's Truck Service Garage (HO-O)


Welcome to “Lenny’s” Truck Service… a long awaited kit FINALLY available in HO scale and O Scale (though we are developing it for  N scale also… so stay tuned !)…. This kit is made of Board-&-Batten siding as well as a “brick” building office extension… a great combination that will help this structure look like no other on your layout !  Suitable for intermediate-to-advanced builders you can count on 1 3-4 night build time.   Complete with details and a realistic looking “concrete” base…. great for urban… or even not-so-urban scenes !  Make sure to view our “Page-2-Page” instructional “overview” video so you can learn more about what we do here at Bar Mills…. and what approaches we use to make our high-end scale kits !