HO Scale Kits

Jerry’s Small Engine Repair (HO-O Scale)



Jerry’s is loosely predicated on an actual business located in Iowa, from the original logo to the theming of the building this is one modestly sized structure that explodes with detail.

It’s not often that we get to break the $50 price barrier with one of our kits. Through the years our emphasis has always been on quality, with a special focus on detail. While the architectural aspects of this structure are modest, the introduction of our specially milled clapboard siding & two adjoining outbuildings give this small business a highly noticeable profile, despite the modest 3’x6″ structural footprint. Figures are not included with the kit, but a wide selection of Woodland Scenic figures & vehicles are available at a 20% discount through the Bar Mills website if you’d like to have some to enhance your scene. As usual both resin & white metal details, as well as signs and other structural niceties are all included with the kit.