Four Fingered Tonys (HO)



Now available through “Bar Mills Direct” the pricing on this kit is now available at the same cost it was offered at 14 years ago when it first became available !  Making high-end kits available to dedicated craftsman-type-modlers at a pre-inflationary cost is something that every manufacturer should do… & this kit is the perfect example !

If you grew up in Brooklyn in the 50’s…or even if you’re just a Robert DeNiro fan
you already know who “Tony” is…he just never had a chance to live on ain the 50’s… or even if you’re just a
he just never had a chance to live on a piece of plywood in your basement before !



Tony is a friendly guy, his best friend is “Mortimer Stiph”, he keeps Mortimer in business.  You don’t know who Mortimer is ?… just keep looking through the listing of Bar Mills kits that are listed on the homepage of this website !


Tonys_Photo4 Tonys_Photo5