Fensters Farm Fresh (HO/O)



There’s more to this “simple” little building than you might think ! From the store window to the brick loading dock supports we’ve taken a “lighter” approach to this kit and we think it works !
The kit contains almost 30 white metal castings & measures almost 10″ in length in HO scale (about 16″ long in O-Scale !).  We themed our for a farm store but this structure could easily find it’s way to the shore as a “lobster shack” !
We’ve found this kit not only to be a hit for us “Easterners”, but for many of the west coat type modelers who’ve used this kit as a freight depot, dry goods store, or any of several other concepts.
There’s not too much to talk about here, the photos will give you a pretty good idea of what the kit’s about.  By-the-way, the length of the structure makes it perfect for a freight siding (although you’ll want to install a couple of freight doors in the back of it), it’d make a fine freight transfer facility !

These two photos of the “O” Scale kit speak for themselves… from the laser-cut pallets to the individually wrapped and labeled boxes of produce… we’ve done our best to give this kit the look of a museum quality type structure !