Dock House At Cundy Harbor


The concept of “Bar Mills Direct” is to control the costs & mark-ups of our kits…. selling our higher-end kits directly to the modeler goes a long way in skirting additional shipping & retail mark-ups on models that essentially appeal to only the most detail-oriented modeler…. & offering these special kits directly to the builder goes a long way in helping to combat the rampant inflation we’ve encountered as of late.  THIS… is one of those kits… one of the “best-of-the-best”… if you have a waterfront, consider this one, it’ll knock your socks off !

Welcome to the “Dock House” at “Cundy Harbor”… undoubtedly one of the coolest looking & most interesting waterfront kits we’ve ever done.
We don’t say this lightly.  What could have been a “good” model became something  more unique with the addition of a two-level deck, various layers of exterior texture materials, and a cool cupola.  It’s not always easy to make such an interesting structure small enough to work as a diorama. But with a foot print of 4×7, we feel it is not only a great diorama candidate, but also a pretty near ”perfect” sized structure for a model railroad.

Dockhouse1 desaturated